Connecting Common Interests

Jerry and Carol Sherman,
Embassy Connections Canada project partner, ‘Shelter’, has built more than 2,000 homes for needy families in El Salvador over the past 15 years.

We visited a village where some of the homes were built and had the privilege of attending a ceremony where 5 families were given the keys to their new, 400 square foot home. Instead of the one room mud and stick home they had with a dirt floor, they now had a strong, medal home with a cement floor, two bedrooms and a large meeting and kitchen area.

As one of the mothers said, “My infant was eating dirt because of our dirt floor. Now we have a home with a floor that we can keep clean.”

It was Embassy Connection’s first time to have a delegation in El Salvador. Our major goal was to introduce ‘Shelter’ executives to that country’s politicians and bureaucrats.

The El Salvadoran ambassador to Canada in Ottawa did an
outstanding job of arranging 2 days of meetings with government officials and Salvadorian business executives.

The reputation of ‘Shelter’ and the benefits they bring to the people overwhelmed the curiosity of public officials. At one of our meetings, more than 40 mayors and civic representatives came to interact with our delegation about the dire housing need in their communities.

We want to be able to facilitate connections between El Salvadoran officials and Canadian MPs in the furtherance of cooperation between the citizens of our two nations. It’s significant that ‘Shelter’ receives 100% of its funding from individual donors.

This truly makes the connection between people, not governments. At the same time, the inclusion of incumbent Canadian MP delegates adds immeasurable prestige to the meetings. It opens a deeper level of discussion about future cooperation.

As in all Embassy Connection Canada ventures, it is our most
profound desire to connect individuals with common interest, to facilitate their success and fulfil the Great Commission.

We continue to offer Canadian Parliamentarian, the opportunity to use their title and exercise theirinfluence internationally. We coordinate the delegations with parliamentary breaks and
parliamentarians personal availability.